Jonathan Burrows CV
Born Bishop Auckland, County Durham, England, 1960

Trained at The Royal Ballet School (1971-1979)

Soloist with The Royal Ballet (1979-1992)

Performed with the Rosemary Butcher Company (1986-1999)

Music For Lectures/Get lost (28 minutes, in collaboration with Wendy Houstoun, Francesca Fargion and Matteo Fargion, 2020)

Let Us Stop This Mad Rush Towards The End (17 minutes, in collaboration with Claire Godsmark and Francesca Fargion, 2019)

Rewriting (45 minutes, solo performance, 2019)

Music For Lectures/Every Word Was Once An Animal (35 minutes, in collaboration with Mette Edvardsen and Francesca Fargion, 2018)

Music For Lectures/She Dancing (25 minutes, in collaboration with Katye Coe and Francesca Fargion, 2018)

Any Table Any Room (50 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2017)

52 Portraits (year long video work, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion and Hugo Glendinning, commissioned by Sadler's Wells Theatre London, 2016)

Der Moderne Tanz (15 minutes, videowork and live performance in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, Hugo Glendinning and Claire Godsmark, commissioned by the Museum der Moderne Salzburg for the Art-Music-Dance exhibition, 2016)

Eleanor And Flora Music ((30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, Eleanor Sikorski and Flora Wellesley Wesley, 2015)

Body Not Fit For Purpose (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, commissioned by the Venice Biennale, 2014)

Rebelling Against Limit (40 minutes, lecture concert in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2013)

Show And Tell (60 minutes, lecture concert in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2013)

One Flute Note (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2012)

Counting To One Hundred (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2011)

The Cow Piece (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2009)

Cheap Lecture (30 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2009)

Speaking Dance (45 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2006)

The Quiet Dance (40 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2005)

Both Sitting Duet (40 minutes, in collaboration with Matteo Fargion, 2002)

Weak Dance Strong Questions (50 minutes, in collaboration with Jan Ritsema, 2001)

Singing (15 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, 1999)

Things I Don’t Know (50 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, Kevin Volans, 1998)

Quintet (15 minutes, mus. Tom Johnson, light. Michael Hulls, 1997)

The Stop Quartet (45 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, Matteo Fargion, light. Michael Hulls, 1996)

Stoics (45 minutes, mus. Matteo Fargion, Felix Mendelssohn, 1991)

Hymns (50 minutes, 1988)

Since 2002 Burrows and Fargion have given performances in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cuba, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK and the USA

Vessel (dramaturge for writer and director Sue MacLaine, 2018)

Irlicht (10 minutes, interruption in musical concert, for Musikfestival Bern, 2017)

Can I Start Again Please (dramaturge for writer and director Sue MacLaine, a commission for the SICK Festival Brighton, 2015)

The Elders Project (in collaboration with Matteo Fargion - a Sadler's Wells Theatre commission for the Elixir Festival, 2014)

7 Duets (Motionbank Project in collaboration with Matteo Fargion - curated by the William Forsythe Company, 2011-13)

Associate Director The Hour We Knew Nothing Of Each Other by Peter Handke (The National Theatre, London, 2008)

Schreibstuck (Thomas Lehman, commissioned by Kaaitheater Brussels, 2007)

Duet (in collaboration with Akram Khan for Desert Steps, an evening of music by Kevin Volans, 1999)

Walking/music (Ballett Frankfurt, 25 minutes, mus. Kevin Volans, light. Michael Hulls, 1997)

Stoics (The Royal Ballet, 12 minutes, design Craig Givens, 1991)

The Gaps Between (for the series Realities of the Scripted, curated by HfMDK Frankfurt and the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, University of Gießen 2019)

What would be another word for it? (for DOCH Stockholm 2018 and C-DaRE Somatics Conference 2019)

Politics (for the Inventur#2–Contemporary Dance and Performance Conference at Tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, 2017)

Rhythm (for Bojana Kunst at Mousounturn Frankfurt, 2016)

Keynote address for the Postdance Conference (curated by Andre Lepecki at MIT Stockholm, 2015)

Keynote address for the UK Conference on Dance in Higher Education, 2015

Migratory Images (symposium curated by Alexandra Balona with Jonathan Burrows, Jeroen Peeters and Miguel Von Hafe Pérez Teatro Municipal do Porto, Portugal, 2015)

Traces (for the catalogue of Siobhan Davies material/rearranged/to/be, Curve Gallery Barbican Centre, 2017)

Postdance keynote address (Contemporary Choreography 2, Routledge, 2017)

Permission To Stare (publication on arts and disability, edited in collaboration with Kate Marsh, for the International European Performance Netwwork, Brussels, 2017)

Audience (for Carte Blanche magazine, Bergen, 2016)

Body Not Fit For Purpose (Performance Research, 2015)

Rebelling Against Limit (for DANSE: An Anthology, edited by Noémie Solomon, Les Presses du Réel. 2014)

body:language Booklet #4 Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion in conversation with dramaturge Guy Cools (Sadler's Wells Theatre, 2013)

WHAT'S THE SCORE? (interview and article on scores edited by Myriam Van Imschoot and Kristien Van den Brande, SARMA website, 2012)

A Choreographer's Handbook (Routledge, 2010, 15,000 copies sold to date - translations in German (Tanz Magazine 2010), Slovenian (Maska, 2011), French (Contredanse 2017), Bulgarian (Metheor, 2017) and Chinese (Bookman Books, 2020)

Jonathan Burrows and Adrian Heathfield in dialogue (Performance Matters, 2010 - also published in Etcetera Magazine, Belgium, 2010)

Weak Dance Strong Questions (article written with Jan Ritsema, Performance Research, 2003)

Time, Motion, Symbol, Line (Eye Magazine, The International Review of Graphic Design, Issue 37 Volume 10, Autumn 2000)

Conversations with Choreographers (South Bank Centre, London, 1998)

Associate Professor at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University, 2016-

Visiting member of faculty P.A.R.T.S, Brussels, 1999-

Honorary Visiting Professor in the department of Drama, Theatre and Performance, Roehampton University, 2013-14

Visiting Professor, Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen, 2012

Visiting Professor Koninklijke Academie van Schone Kunsten Gent, 2012

Visiting Professor, Institute for Theatre Studies at the Free University Berlin, 2010-11

Visiting Professor, Performance Studies Department of Hamburg University, 2009-10 and 2011-12

Visiting Professor, Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2006-2008

In House Artist the Nightingale, Brighton, 2013-2015

Artist-In-Residence Kaaitheater, Brussels, 2008-2012

Artist-In-Residence The South Bank Centre, London 1998-99

Associate company Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Gent, Belgium 1992- 2002

Resident company The Place Theatre, London 1992-94

Dance Umbrella 2012 (London festival co-curated with Betsy Gregory)

Remembering British New Dance (a series of seminars co-curated with Ramsay Burt at Siobhan Davies Studio, Sadler's Wells Theatre and Chisenhale Dance Space, London, 2012)

All The World Likes To Dance To A Beat (an evening curated for Fondation Cartier, Paris, 2012)

Parallel Voices (five discussion events conceived and hosted by Jonathan Burrows for Siobhan Davies Studios, 2007, with Jerome Bel, Bojana Cvejic, Siobhan Davies,
Tim Etchells, Matteo Fargion, Adrian Heathfield, Nicholas Hytner, Xavier Le Roy, Kate McIntosh, Katie Mitchell and Lloyd Newson)

As it is (an evening of performances by Dana Casperson, Michael Clark, William Forsythe, Amanda Miller, Paul Selwyn Norton, and Meg Stuart at The South Bank Centre, London, 1998)

Olivier Awards nomination for The Elders Project, 2014

Honorary Doctorate, Royal Holloway, University of London, 2010

Het Theaterfestival award, Belgium, for Cheap Lecture, 2009

Dance and Performance “Bessie” Award, for Both Sitting Duet, New York, 2003

Nominated for a South Bank Award, London, for Both Sitting Duet and Singing, 2003

Foundation For Contemporary Performance Arts Award, New York, 2002 in recognition for ongoing contributions to contemporary dance

Prudential Award, London, 1995

Time Out Award, London, 1994

Digital Dance Award, London, 1992

Jonathan Burrows and Matteo Fargion are supported by PACT Zollverein Essen and Sadler's Wells Theatre London