Matteo Fargion
Short biography
Matteo Fargion studied composition with composers Kevin Volans and Howard Skempton. His interest in dance began after seeing Merce Cunningham perform in London, which encouraged him to apply for for the International Course for Choreographers and Composers through which he met choreographer Jonathan Burrows. The two have worked closely on a body of work conceived, created and performed together, which has become celebrated internationally for its rare combination of intellectual rigour and humour. Fargion has written music for other choreographers including Lynda Gaudreau and Russell Maliphant, and has worked particularly closely with choreographer Siobhan Davies, writing music for some of her most significant recent work including The Art of Touch (1995) and Minutes for the Collection (2009). Fargion also writes for theatre, particularly in Germany, where he has worked over a number of years at the Residenz Theater Munich and at the Berlin Schaub├╝hne with Thomas Ostermeier.